Friday, December 18, 2009

Something Different: For Me To Try and For You to Enjoy...

My name is Jessica. Until now Ive had quite normal aspirations. After uni I wanted to work in the wellness industry where I could help people feel better and live satisfying, fulfilled long lives. But no matter what job I chose it never seemed to be the right one. I'd just get so bored! After about 25 jobs I decided that working simply wasn't for me. I believe the universe delivers exactly what you ask for and I know I'm going to make someone; perhaps you, very happy indeed.

For a while Ive appreciated the benefits of polygamy. Not that having a mistress is really a polygamous relationship though. The wife would have to know and agree to make the whole thing polygamous. I saw an Oprah show about American men with more than one wife. And then there was that TV series 'Big Love'. Anyway, it just seems to make so much sense for a man to have more than one lady.

So here is what I am proposing. I will be your professional mistress. I will give you everything your mind and body desires. I will be your safe haven from the daily pressures of mundane life. I will be at your beck and call 24/7. I will be available for business trips, overseas or interstate. Most importantly, I will never call you, message you, email you or drive past your house... I will be your exclusive perfect secret.

Now in order for me to fulfill your requirements I will need sufficient renumeration to maintain my standard of living while also giving me time and resources to prepare for you (whatever you should request). I will accept $2000 per week